State Partnerships

Maximizing the Impact of Scarce State Dollars

As states reassert their authority over education, it is more important than ever to spend state education dollars wisely. Thousands of STEM education programs have emerged over the past decade, and many have impressive marketing materials. State STEMworks partnerships allow state leaders to identify the programs that are most likely to yield the best return on public investments in STEM education.

STEMworks: Expanding children’s and youths’ access to the best STEM programs

STEMworks is working with state education leaders to bring the most effective STEM education programs to hundreds of thousands more students every year. State leaders across the country are working with us to identify and fund programs that meet rigorous standards for admission to STEMworks, our honor roll of STEM education programs.

STEMworks began with two state partners in 2014—Arizona and Iowa—and has since added several more—Colorado, Idaho, Indiana, Michigan, Nevada, and West Virginia. Together, these states have identified dozens of effective programs and supported them with millions in state dollars.

Tailored support for states

STEMworks provides each state partner with access to the tailored online platform, training, and technical assistance it needs to run its own STEMworks initiative. Programs can apply to STEMworks through the portal and expert reviewers rigorously rate them against our Design Principles for effectiveness. 

Each state partner can create additional questions that meet its specific priorities. For example, a state can customize its initiative with its own principles on subjects as diverse as professional development, curriculum, or computer science education. Each state can also require applicants to prove that they are ready to hit the ground running in that state.

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