"I love this training. STEM allows for creativity and innovative thinking. It isn't rote memorization; instead, it's a focused and structured energy explosion with a tangible purpose to reach the standards. Sign me up. I freaking love this model." - Teacher

Program Type

Teacher Development/Training
Hands on/Project-Based

Target Audience

All Students




Pre-K - 5
Grades 6 - 8
Grades 9 - 12

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Program Impact

To date, we have trained over 1200 educators in our STEM model, expanded to over 14 sister/partner schools across Colorado and Utah.  Our goal is to continue to double our sister/partner schools each year and reach over 5000 teachers in the next three years. Last year, every 8th grader (over 160 students) received a 5-10 hour internship in the industry of their choice. We plan to expand this opportunity to our 6th and 7th graders this year, impacting over 450 students.


Program Overview

STEMinspired is a network of educators and administrators committed to expanding sustainable, innovative STEM education across the country and beyond. Modeled after industry, our instructional approach is centered on problem-solving and critical thinking.

Industry and higher educational partners are at the center of our model and provide authentic feedback to our students, mentor, and work side by side with our educators. STEMinspired provides professional development and educational partnership to replicate our model in communities ranging from rural to urban. We are an entire educational and economic model, we see ourselves as a start-up enterprise with the same philosophies and fail fast and pivot attitude of our lean start up partners. Our model is all encompassing from kindergarten to AP Physics in high school, from music and drama to art and PE.

STEMinspired is an identity, it is changing the landscape of what it means to teach and learn and partner. The teachers become partners in this work, they facilitate the learning and their identity shifts from teacher to STEM teacher to professional STEM educator specializing in…. Students see themselves as researchers, scientists, engineers, inventors, artists, and developers.

We have launched one of the first STEM site-based fellowships in the country in partnership with the University of Denver and the Morgridge Family Foundation, our goal continues to be to expand opportunities to engage with higher education to expand STEM education and research experiences. We began with five foundational partnerships and to date have over 360. We continue to engage partners in authentic problem-based experiences with our students and educators. We hope to expand our partnerships to over 500 in the next two years.

How To Get Involved

We ask our STEM professionals and partners to engage with our students and educators and give of their time, expertise, and authentic experiences. Partners are always needed to sit on panels and provide feedback to students, provide information and research opportunities, and possible provide field experiences for students. Professionals can co-teach with our educators, and help co-construct our problem-based experiences. We partner with STEM professionals to provide authentic STEM professional development and are always looking for those interested in partnering with educators directly. We also ask our partners to possibly provide mentorships and intern experiences (non-paid) to our students beginning in middle school and continuing into high school. 

Funders and Partners

Morgridge Family Foundation; Level 3 Communications; Colorado BioScience Association and Institute; Denver Museum of Nature and Science; Manufacturer’s Edge; Ball Aerospace; Medtronic/Covidien; Amp the Cause; REO; National Jewish Health; Adams County Education Consortium.


Kellie Lauth, District STEM Coordinator K-12; Principal, STEM Launch K-8

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Lauth, Kellie


District STEM Coordinator K-12/Principal STEM Launch K-8

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Design Principles

The programs in this database clear a high bar. STEMworks reviewed each program against the Design Principles for Effective STEM Philanthropy.

  • Accomplished
  • Developing
  • Undeveloped

Overarching Principles

  • Need

    Identify and target a compelling and well-defined need.

  • Evaluation

    Use rigorous evaluation to continuously measure and inform progress towards the compelling need identified.

  • Sustainability

    Ensure work is sustainable.

  • Replication and Scalability

    Demonstrate replicability and scalability.

  • Partnerships

    Create high impact partnerships

  • Capacity

    Ensure organizational capacity to achieve goals.

STEM Principles

  • Challenging and Relevant Content

    Offer challenging and relevant STEM content for the target audience

  • STEM Practices

    Incorporate and encourage STEM practices.

  • Inspiration

    Inspire interest and engagement in STEM.

  • Under-Represented Groups

    Identify and address the needs of under-represented groups.