STEMulate Change


“The STEMulate™ Change program provided exciting educational experiences for our summer camp students that will surely have enduring positive social and academic support.”

-- Stuart Sherman, Executive Director of Greater Newark Boys & Girls Club.

Program Type

Curriculum/Instructional Materials
Hands on/Project-Based

Target Audience

All Students




Pre-K - 5
Grades 6 - 8
Grades 9 - 12

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Program Impact

STEMulate™ Change’s goal is to ignite interest in science, technology, engineering and math learning and careers.  Post-program evaluations demonstrate that students feel that doing well in science, math, and technology at school is important, and that school is very relevant to their future. This program has a vision to reach 6,000 students over the next 3 years.


Program Overview

Launched in 2013, STEMulate™ Change aims to expose all Delaware youth, especially girls and underrepresented minorities, to STEM learning. The project engages youth in grades 4-12 in hands-on learning during out-of-school hours to enhance interest in STEM, motivate students to enroll in higher level school classes, and build students’ capabilities to successfully pursue STEM-related degrees/certifications and careers. STEMulate™ Change’s curricula are project-focused and uniquely designed around relevant historical and modern-day American and global icons that have made significant contributions in STEM fields.

The project is operated as an afterschool and summer program in partnership with community centers and public schools.  Students learn about each icon’s “grit” and the struggles overcome to achieve his or her goals, as well as his/her professional accomplishments and contributions to the world. FAME recognizes that youth can more readily relate to a curriculum that ties in a significant role model who is of the same underrepresented population, motivating them to develop a greater interest in and personal connection to STEM.

Each curriculum is fully aligned with Common Core Standards and uses problem-based teaching methods; presented with a problem, students learn how to solve it through hands-on investigation. STEMulate™ Change integrates cross-curricular learning in Mathematics, Science/Technology, and English Language Arts, effectively tying together each subject through the focus on a particular STEM icon

How To Get Involved

FAME recruits STEM professionals who work in the fields of STEM icons featured in STEMulate Change to do short presentations for the students about their own real-life experiences. This practice helps children learn about local industries where they may aspire to work. The cost to operate STEMulate Change is $225 per student.

Funders and Partners

FAME partners with community centers serving at-risk youth, public school districts, and charter schools in the delivery of this program.


Baker II, Donald L., Executive Director, FAME

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Design Principles

The programs in this database clear a high bar. STEMworks reviewed each program against the Design Principles for Effective STEM Philanthropy.

  • Accomplished
  • Developing
  • Undeveloped

Overarching Principles

  • Need

    Identify and target a compelling and well-defined need.

  • Evaluation

    Use rigorous evaluation to continuously measure and inform progress towards the compelling need identified.

  • Sustainability

    Ensure work is sustainable.

  • Replication and Scalability

    Demonstrate replicability and scalability.

  • Partnerships

    Create high impact partnerships

  • Capacity

    Ensure organizational capacity to achieve goals.

STEM Principles

  • Challenging and Relevant Content

    Offer challenging and relevant STEM content for the target audience

  • STEM Practices

    Incorporate and encourage STEM practices.

  • Inspiration

    Inspire interest and engagement in STEM.

  • Under-Represented Groups

    Identify and address the needs of under-represented groups.